Happy Halloween


Just a quick blog post to wish everyone a Happy super creepy Halloween before I go carve my pumpkin and listen to Ryan’s Dead Man’s Bones.

(outfit details coming soon)

Watch out for the zombies!

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Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.52.18 PM

My moms biggest fear while I was in LA was that I would not eat. It’s safe to say, I made her proud.

The only thing I DIDN’T try was Ethiopian and only cause I had to prioritise, hope you’ll understand. Now that I think about (and look at) it I contemplate 2 things:

1. I will have to die on the treadmill

2. I could have bought a really nice handbag from Barney’s instead.

The Eaters feel me (and probably hate me cause of THAT In-N-Out picture) but until they take the article down you can read all about my gastro adventures here.


Mel’s Drive In


If you haven’t tried the burger – milkshake combo you haven’t really lived. Americans know their food (I get it, sounds “challenging”, I felt the same before trying the bacon donut revelation but now I know) and who am I to argue that?

Open late (that’s a wonder for LA standards) it’s there (and there too- multiple locations) to fill up your stomach with those much needed filthy fried calories and yummy sugar molecules.

The dense chocolate milkshake is so worth it. Besides, calories after 2 am don’t count. Or  you don’t really recall much about them the day after.

Works for me.

—-> Mel’s Drive In (my favourite is on Sunset, open 24-7)

Wearing Urban Outfitter mens shirt (a festive version here), Levi’s shorts, leather ballerinas, Chanel 2.55 (a nice Givenchy alternative here), round sunglasses (my favs here)

IMG_6254 IMG_6271 IMG_6294 IMG_6307IMG_6266

SHEER & SPARKLING and my Sunday ritual


Sunday ritual consists of the following:

Visiting the Melrose Trading Post flea market (you never know what you’ll find, vintage jewellery, cool fedoras, ripped jeans for $5 or yummy treats), Cacao Me Crazy smoothie from the Zugo Truck, the mandatory #ootd pics cause EVERY wall in LA is an outfit post wall (I LOVE the cool art here) and then off to (officially) brunch. Aka american (meaning huge) pancakes with oreo cookies on the actual dough, mega mint iced tea with ginger and people watching. So much people watching. Then it’s WF time for magazines and raw coconut water just before throwing a blanket on the grass at a (dog?) park until it’s time for a movie at the Arclight or the Grove.

Apply, enjoy and repeat.

After all I’m a traditional girl.

Wearing shirt dress (similar here and here), see through dress worn as skirt from Urban Outfitters (a nice alternative here and a black version here), leather ballerina flats, round sunglasses, Chanel 2.55 (a classic alternative here), hamsa necklace (a gold design here)

IMG_4488 DSC02839 DSC02842 DSC02849 DSC02852 DSC02859 DSC02865 DSC02869 DSC02870 DSC02872 DSC02887

P’Trique & I!


We both love blonde hair and supersized cat eye sunnies, wearing maxi dresses and admiring high fashion. P’Trique and I. Who cares if he has a beard (blonde one too) and I wax? We don’t have to agree to everything.

We met at the Beautycon conference in LA (he was a guest speaker I was a VIP guest – still can’t believe THAT Nyx goodie bag!) and instantly connected (online). There’s just so much about blonde hair that brings people closer.

Wearing a certain someone on a tee being one of them. #Together_Forever #Love_You_P’Trique!

Proudly wearing P’Trique’s The Platform tee (a rad alternative here), denim cut offs from the flea market, my favourite silver Supergas, Topshop faux fur clutch, The Neshama Project hamsa necklace and my happy smile as per usual

DSC01937 DSC01938DSC01910 DSC01914DSC01929



LACMA never gets boring. Save for the tar pits (where they did find interesting mammoth fossils), the giant stone called Levitated Mass and the crazy variety of food trucks outside, the inside is also full of wonders: Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse, Lichtenstein, Hockney and a whole lot more of utter greatness. You can just sit there for hours. So when the night falls, you get to see Chris Burden’s Urban Light aka 202 lit antique street lamps.

It’s a sight for sore eyes.

As for me, I am wearing a great flea market find, this see through kimono with embroidered sleeves (similar here), gray denim shorts, white tank top, combat boots, Celine sunglasses, Samudra pouch

IMG_6264 IMG_6306 2 IMG_6320 IMG_6323 2 IMG_6331 IMG_6341 IMG_6358#ILOVELA


Bed Of Flowers

IMG_9107 mana 2        Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, 09.21.2014

There’s something about this place that makes you want to be you. The real you. It comes easy, it’s effortless, it’s uncomplicated and it’s basically what you need. To express yourself, to live the life you want to live, to be utterly free.

This place offers the freedom to become who you were destined to be, undemanding but challenging every step of the way. And what a way this is.

When you hike all the way to the top of Runyon Canyon you can see it clearly. LA in all it’s glory and at your feet. If you can see it you can be it/achieve it/become it/believe it and so on.

And although this might not make a lot of sense, when you actually experience this magic feeling of belonging and being open to the universe, the universe will reward you. OR you can always reward yourself with a juicy In-N-Out burger (that is strategically (?) situated right down the hill).

And that’s also worth it.

Photos by Alkistis Tsitouri Streetgeist

And about the clothes: white blazer, Zoe Karssen tshirt, lace pants, slides H&M (I’m loving these here), septum ring

Make Up: BB Cream Skin Renew in Light/Medium, Korres Eyeshadow in 47 Olive Green, NYX lipstick in MLS08 Pure Red, Benefit They’Re Real mascara, YSL Touche Eclat

Hair by Redken

IMG_9066 mana IMG_9098 mana 1IMG_9078 mana 1 IMG_9093 mana 1 IMG_9104 mana IMG_9106 mana 1 IMG_9119 mana 2

Hawaii 5-0 Part I


Arrived in Hawaii.

Pinch me. Am I really awake? I have this strange feeling that I might bump into John Locke any minute now (and I will definitely settle for Jack and/or Sawyer for that matter). Leptospirosis (and polar bears aside) this is true paradise. Virgin jungle scenery, roosters running free WITH their offspring, cold coconuts in every corner and THE BEST Kombucha tea there is.

Giant waves (those surf lessons could have come in handy), insanely beautiful waterfalls, Jurassic Park themed surroundings and the occasional tropical rain for the win. I was constantly chewing chocolate covered macadamias and sugarcane and I only stopped in time to look at the star encrusted sky at night.

Maybe it was all a dream after all. Maybe it was even better.

Wearing this swimsuit (so that the sharks won’t miss me), Mr Kate Beautymarks (gold/silver edition here) that almost gave my mom a heart attack and pink mirrored Wildfox sunnies (an even cooler pair here)

IMG_5993IMG_6215 IMG_6255 IMG_6260 IMG_6275 IMG_6279 IMG_6289 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5898 IMG_5905 IMG_5945 IMG_5981 IMG_5984 IMG_6004 IMG_6060 IMG_6300


IMG_4489During a very hot summer day in Downtown LA.

Accompanied by my favourite Athens based turned Angeleno street style photographer, Streetgeist, I visited local showrooms, I ordered a hell of a maple glazed turkey sandwich and an ice cold Kombucha tea in a secret passage/cafe that was as beautiful and peaceful as they get, I discussed life in the city of Angels (only perks, I really don’t mind the traffic) and I stood in front of the lens and some very vibrant bi colour walls.

Came back just in time for Orange Is The New Black.

Pink Lace Shorts Style By Stories, Jefrey Campbell Oriley Cut Out Ankle Boots, Blazer, White Tank, E&E Tortoise Sunglasses (similar here), embroidered bag bought in Myconos (a nice clutch alternative here)

Photos by Streetgeist

IMG_4493 IMG_4495 IMG_4518 IMG_4521 IMG_4522 IMG_4544 IMG_4550 IMG_4565 IMG_4567

Drunk In Love



Can you be utterly drunk in love?

Can you really fall in love with a place?

Can and will this emotion last forever?

Can life always be this beautiful?

Can I drink this cashew vanilla cinnamon agave milk everyday?

But most importantly … can I stop time?

Bikini that makes me smile courtesy of Victoria (The one with all the secrets (similar bottom here, top here and bottom here top here), Wildfox pink mirrored sunglasses the lilac version here), fringed kimono, Blue Print Cleanse cashew milk, Los Angeles necklace, fortune cookie necklace

El Matador, Malibu, 2014

IMG_4626IMG_5045 IMG_5057IMG_4655IMG_4661IMG_4727IMG_4819IMG_4833IMG_4900IMG_4929IMG_4938IMG_5035