Bohemian Crochet

Why not give your look a traditional spin with a white crochet top? Paired with shorts or jeans, it’s the trendiest alternative to a common t-shirt and will earn you style points! For a pop of color a beaded bag is a safe choice. Your grandma would be so proud.

Wearing Vintage Crocket Blouse, River Island Jeans, Christian Louboutin Wedges, Antik Batik bag

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5 responses to “Bohemian Crochet

  1. You’re extremely cool! And the wedges are to die for.

  2. AMAZING outfit and YOU!!!!! Great crochet top, great jeans, amazing BAG and I want your bracelets!!!!!! Perfect.Well done!!!

  3. Υπέροχο!!!!!!!!!!!! Αγαπώ τους συνδυασμούς που κάνεις :-)))

  4. You are sooo sweet, thank you girls!!!

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