Stripes Revisited

Give me any kind of stripes and I’m happy. And although my closet is full of blue and white marinieres, in any possible direction, I had none in brown. So it was grab at first sight with these pants. High waisted, really loose and silky to the touch, they are perfect for almost anywhere – you can even pair them with a bikini top.

Long live the stripes.

Wearing Massimo Dutti Sweater, Vintage Striped Pants, Jimmy Choo Sunglasses, McQueen Pumps, Vintage Bag

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4 responses to “Stripes Revisited

  1. kouklara! m’ aresei tromera ayto to look! kai to malli apsogo <3

  2. love the whole look, the sweater and pants are incredible! The whole setting looks great too good job!

  3. Awesome outfit. Even if brown isn’t among my summer colours, though it looks great on you…

  4. My oh my the “catcher in the rye” could have never been as stylish and beautiful! Gorgeous ensemble and the setting is ideal! Kudos to the photographer ;)

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