Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you all know Netrobe. The easiest way to organize your clothes, pretty much like Cher’s “Clueless” wardrobe on your iPhone or iPad. Christina Plakopita, Founder & CEO invited me amongst other bloggers, fashion editors and up and coming talented designers like Maraveya and Lia Kastanidi of Enoe Me to check out the app and give our feedback on how it works, in the company of delicious cupcakes and homemade lemonade. Couldn’t resist, could I?

So your virtual closet is actually pretty easy to make, or at least Netrobe makes it easy. You take photos of your clothes with your iPhone or iPad, remove the background with a variety of easy to use tools and categorize them by color, designer, season and so on. And that’s pretty much it. And then you are ready to make virtual suitcases for your weekend getaways to Myconos, or your vacation in NY without wasting so much time and effort on what to pack and leave it all for the last minute (like I usually do). You can also share your outfits and lookbooks with friends (and connect via all the social media).

Check out the free App and Netrobe’s blog for great style inspiration!


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