My favorite  girls from Turkey, Ezgi and Lian aka LuxuryShoppers know STYLE. They even give lessons about it. Literally. Apart from running a very successful company providing image consulting, event planning and of course styling services, they give seminars on styling and image making.
With the most enviable wardrobes full of extravagant accessories, to die for high heels and vintage finds, paired with utilitarian shirts, skin tight jeans and flared pants, the two Ottoman Princesses are a true inspiration for every fashionista.
Get to know them better with this short interview!

What’s the most extravagant piece you’ve ever bought for a client?
A Dior Couture dress, we were speechless too.  

What’s Lian’s favorite piece from Ezgi’s wardrobe and vice versa? 
Lian has a mindblowing vintage accessories collection. Just perfect!
Ezgi’s latest purchase, Balenciaga booties! 

3 wardrobe staples – must haves for every woman.
White shirt, black pants and sexy stilettos.

Jewelry, bags, shoes or clothing? Which one is the bank breaker?
OMG shoes!!!

How would you describe the Turkish girls style?
Turkish girls are very versatile, they like to mix & match and try different styles, but they always look very done.

– A typical day at the LuxuryShoppers offices.
We don’t stay much in the office as our job requires to run around the stores with clients, but when we are there: checking emails, organizing appointments for the week and laughing most of the time!

– Favorite holiday destination and name only 3 things you could take with you.
Ezgi: Cote D’Azur, my love, sun block cream and a kaftan that I can pull both at night and at the beach.
Lian: So far my favorite destination has been Italy, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my iPhone and my sunglasses.

– Share one beauty secret.
Happiest girls are the prettiest so don’t forget to smile every once in a while.
You are what you eat, so eating one avocado a day would be the best thing for your skin.

– A trend you are currently obsessed with.
Ezgi: I love Balenciaga Autumn-Winter Collection. The “Join a weird trip” sweatshirts are my new obsession.
Lian: I am obsessed with Gucci and Art Deco trend right now.

– Name one thing you would like to add to LuxuryShoppers in the near future. 
Our online boutique will be opening soon. We wanted to make it different, more personalized. We will expand our team for a future project, and designing for a brand is also another project that we have just confirmed.

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