Inspiration Wednesday

Things I want:

1) To reincarnate into Lily Donaldson

2) Gold tip nails (& a Repossi ring)

3) A striped backpack

4) Perfect blonde hair

5) Chocolate chip coconut ice cream

6) A black see through lace gown (Nina Ricci Resort 2013 will do)

7) Gold cat eye sunglasses

8) Hip loose see through pants (like Celine’s)

9) Unearthen rings (as in PLURAL)

10) Crystal bracelet cuffs around both ankles

11) Crop tops and matching skirts or shorts

12) A studded bucket bag

13) The dreamy fuchsia Valentino ruffled dress

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2 responses to “Inspiration Wednesday

  1. To set thigns straight, Lily Donaldson should betta reincarnate into Filio about all the rest, well yeah I concur. ;)

  2. :) :) with friends like these, who needs mirrors?? <3

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