” This is your life, do what you love and do it often … Live your dream and wear your passion”


Three girls (Vivianna Maravegias, Christina Vogiatzi and Melenia Alexandraki) who share the same passion for eclectic style and flawless aesthetics, fused their fashion backgrounds and valuable on the spot experience to create a line that is minimal and elegant, easily worn yet distinctive.

Maraveya is all about the carefree, sun tanned attitude of island life transported to the city, without losing the easy shapes and lightweight, sheer fabrics. As for the color palette, pebble gray, bright white and sand beige hues are dominant, justifiable so, since they are characteristic of Greek island ambience.

Made exclusively in Greece, fabrics are 100% silk chiffon, viscose and cotton and as Greek as it gets.

* Naming the Spring / Summer collection products after the company each of the talented young fashionistas would like to have strolling around a Greek island, their designs have girly names , whereas for Autumn / Winter, names are of Eastern origin, inspired by Africa’s nomadic tribes. * (For next summer, the names will be those of flowers!)

We’ll see more of Maraveya’s beautifully crafted designs (they have participated twice at Xclusive New Designer’s Week in Athens) on July 12th at Eco Fashion Week in Cyprus, where they, amongst other top and talented new designers will present two ecofriendy designs made of sustainable, fair trade materials.

Enjoy the clothes!

Visit their site for more:

Available at, Eleane’s (Pireaus), Pitty Pitty Piu (Egaleo), Fashion Duck (Nea Makri), Fashion Blossom (Thessaloniki), Viama (Thessaloniki), Aura B (Dubai)

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