StyledOn Blog Love Feature

I’m super excited for my Blog Love Feature in StyledOn! :)

And for those of you who don’t already know StyledOnin two words, it’s the Facebook for fashion. 

If you’re looking to connect with your favorite indie fashion designer, scroll through street style photos, or build your luxe shopping wish list, new fashion networking site is the place to go.

This site, which is currently in public beta mode, aims to share your style as Facebook shares your life. While it has several features, including news and editorials such as designer features, it’s Styledon’s “bulletin board” that brands and inspiration-seekers will find most useful. Users, who can easily create accounts by synching Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts, are invited to post “inspiration” photos of whatever visual elements they find intriguing. Whether it’s a certain pair of shoes or a lamp spotted in the window of a boutique, Styledon gives users the chance to swap both stories and shopping information. By expanding its focus beyond strictly fashion and into the coverage of home decor, it offers a more comprehensive look at style.

It’s fashion eye candy for days.

Check out all the inspiring fashionistas and what the site has to offer here :

Via Fashionweekdaily, Harper’s Bazaar


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