Believe in yourself

Even though you might be stuck in Athens, still working and working, there is a chance you will make it through alive. Dressing in b&w leopard print and holding a studded clutch will help. At least momentarily. Maybe for my next post I will pose in the middle of the street for as many shots as I want, is there really no one left ? Starting to feel kinda 28 days later. Me likey.

Wearing Zara skirt (similar here), booties and studded clutch, H&M shirt (similar here), Kitson Believe In Yourself bangle gifted by my bestie.

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2 responses to “Believe in yourself

  1. I’m right here and I so know your 28 days laters feeling. It’s getting weirder every August in Athens. There’s a definite Stephen King post zombie apocalypse deserted city element and we seem to be of the few survivors. Thing is when I finally start to get used to it, they all come back.

    In terms of the look I say big yay and bravo having brought together Miroslava’s styling ambience and your Filio trademark gorgeousness.

    • Oh MY! Can I please have glitter and flashing lights covering your comments? <3
      How awesome would a zombie apocalypse be? We are ready and waiting. Over and out.

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