Queen of everything

Feel like the Queen of f*ing everything in a printed, cut out dress, rad boots and model approved backpack. Stay stylishly hidden under Nicole Richie’s oversized frames and hold your Garance Dore for Kate Spade iPhone case for a true fashionista moment. Or just sit back at home and relax with a cup of “I really have attitude” tea.

1. Printed Dress   2. Amethyst Stone Necklace   3. Western Boots   4. Leather Backpack   5. White Acetate Watch   6. Cat Eye Sunglasses  7. Garance Dore iPhone Case   8. Queen of everything Mug

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7 responses to “Queen of everything

  1. This is great inspiration for today!!!

    Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

  2. Oh that dress.I went to but it in the striped pattern in the beginning of the summer and they sere sold out of my size..I was so upset and I guess still a :( LOVE a cut-out!
    Sheree xxx


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