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Introducing George Valvis, make up artist extraordinaire.

Born in Zante, George has always been inspired by the rich light, the sandy beaches, the green forests and the electric blue waters of his hometown; key elements that led him to know and love every form of art.
He loves the glam Bowie looks, the fearless Boy George style, the flamboyant Leigh Bowery, the fragile beauty of Kylie Minogue and the provocative persona of Madonna. His passion for music and fashion is a constant inspiration for his makeup looks.

George loves to create beauty looks by using lots of products that look like nothing on skin. He loves brown, earthy shades for sculpting the face and applying them in such a way that looks like coming within the skin.
His favorite makeup brands are Mac, where he worked for a couple of years, Illamasquawhich he thinks it’s the next big thing in fashion and the luxurious Dolce & Gabbana makeup.

Now, he lives in London and targets to hit the fashion world.

Here, he shares a timeless look with just 4 basic make up products. Pay attention girls!

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