Paint it BLACK with KORRES

Or when Filio met the black volcanic minerals.

Freshly painted black walls, black burgers, black but weirdly mouthwatering sweet treats and black tea cups. Our mood was anything but though, since we were asked to play make up with fellow bloggers and beauty enthusiasts. My date for the event was Miss Lemoncake, who got a tad overexcited with the project and showed me my goth side. Which I enjoyed.

And as if the professional make up lesson wasn’t enough, we got home with heavy – and I mean heavy – bags full of products to try (exactly like a kid in the candy shop). So, guys, if you see us looking a bit darker than usual, it would be the Korres intervention.

Since I won a glittering sticker for my good behavior in make up class, I will share all the secrets Giannis Siskos blurted out – plus you’ll get to see how jealous we were of Anastasia Perraki’s extraordinary beauty.

On All You Need Is Style’s next post. 

Korres Natural Products are available here and at selected stores worldwide.


You looked absolutely gorgeous in stripes again!!!! And the lemon cake too(she is so beautiful and I also love/follow her blog!). Great products and great presentation!! Loved the burgers.
I have a new post and would liked to see if you like my hairstyle!!!In a romantic mood!
Kisses and enjoy the weekend!!!

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