A chocolate labrador, 2 blogs and more than enough TR2 objects of desire (part I)

How could I not fall in love with a dog that wears a neon fuchsia collar that matches my bodycon skirt exactly? Meet Thisseas, the labrador with the chocolate fur reminiscent of a nutella cupcake and an addiction for luxurious python bags. Kind of picky, right? Perhaps he is my own lost boy.

Posh obsessions aside, he was a generous host, offering tea in giant ceramic hand painted TR2 cups and letting us peek inside his beautiful chateau of a home, admiring the minimal, category coded library, sunlit gallery room and oh, the closet.  We did have a quarrel about the yellow python tote, picture 1, but managed to overcome it over colorful, mouthwatering, miniature ice creams.

What you don’t know, but will very soon, is that this place holds a surprise for YOU. It is not yet confirmed whether Thisseas will make a public appearance, but one of your favorite blogs (hint hint bright YELLOW mood and utter chicness) and yours truly are planning something, well, amazing just for you, in a totally unexplored, unique and so TR2 place.

Stop me or I’ll spoil everything.


Wearing Herve Leger skirt, Asos top, Carvela sandals, all objects by TR2


STOP BEING SO PERFECT!!!!NO ONE HAS THOSE LEGS!!!(GOD I hoped these legs were the result of photoshop, but NO, they are real!!!!!!!).
Your skirt is beyond amazing and so is YOU!! The place? fantastic, as a good housewife, I would LOVE to have that Kitchen apron!!!!!! ”Food is the new black”!!!Love it!
PS you and the lemon cake are cooking something….can’t wait to see the result!!!!

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