Not only green but embroidered leather pants

Oh, the leather pants. The fashion garment that gives you the confidence to walk around like you belong in a special style squad and makes it a bit difficult to pick something up from the floor. A pair of black leather pants is, well, irreplaceable, (I wear mine with All Stars and T-shirts, high heels and sweaters and the list goes on) … but what about a pair of bright green, delicately embroidered ones?

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You can really vote if you like.

Wearing Asos leather pants, Reiss ruffled blouse (similar here), Salvatore Ferragamo bracelet,  Zara boots and vintage Gucci bag (a real treasure, I know!)  


VOTE??? I am the president of your FAN CLUB, I will be voting you for the restof my life!!! Great NOGBELP (Not only green but embroidered leather pants)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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