Avant Garde


The suit is one of those powerful wardrobe staples that will come in handy. At numerous occasions. I bought mine (my first of many that is) out of need, meaning I literally had to. Back in my Bristol Myers Squibb days when I was discussing cancer more than well, anything else, oncology and hematology being the most frequently used words in my vocabulary (you see I did try to save the world for a while) and the bio pharmaceutical company uniform was obligatory.

Anyway, the thing is you can get away with anything in a suit.

Plus the boys LOVE it.

IMG_9291 IMG_9293 IMG_9299 IMG_9308 IMG_9310 IMG_9322 IMG_9348

Wearing a Zara suit (similar blazer here and trousers here), Forever 21 t shirt (a nice alternative here), Celine sunglasses, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers


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2 responses to “Avant Garde

  1. looking beautiful! love this classic look!


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