A day in Verona part II


Nothing a little monochrome can’t fix.

Piece of cake easy (and equally good), black and white is the go to solution when you ‘re in a hurry (case in point, we only had half hour intervals if we wanted to catch stuff (ie lunch, male models, the flight and so on) so there was no room for extra thinking, styling wise.

Easy on the eyes and versatile as well, I only had to wrap my b&w plaid scarf around my neck during the flight. And I did think of changing into high heels and going out for drinks after we landed (the thought passed away quickly).

Red lip kisses

IMG_9635 IMG_9662 IMG_9694 IMG_9695 IMG_9705

Wearing leather jacket and pants Zara, crop top Tally Weijl, sunglasses Celine, boots Topshop, earrings vintage


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One response to “A day in Verona part II

  1. hey! beautiful black n’ white! lovely look!


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