Too Pure To Be Pink


But still trying.

Beautiful #DenimDays in the middle of March, crazy busy but blooming. Feeling in love with pretty much everything right now and things are only gonna get worse (how many butterfies can fit in one little stomach?). My favorite month is just around the corner and it’s always full of surprises. Time flies and I’m already missing the now. So (note to self), take a step back, eat slowly, think less and enjoy every-single-thing.

In fine: stop and smell the roses (and every other flower that comes your way).

Especially the pink ones.

IMG_8628 IMG_8650 IMG_8653IMG_8622 IMG_8665 IMG_8667 IMG_8684 IMG_8688

Wearing Calzedonia denim leggings, brogues, Zara knitted top and fringed leather bag (similar here), pink suede leather coat (similar here), clear Celine sunglasses (the tortoise version here), chandelier earrings


Well, hello there new stuff! 

A little shopping and some very welcome presents always do the trick. Makes you feel like everyday is Saturday; the kind of Saturday when the sun is shining and you have nothing to do but enjoy it.

The unwrapping is no doubt the best part. Check it out!

PS: By the time the video editing was done, the cookies were gone. 

Winged Creature


I can’t even begin to describe my excitement; I’m actually sporting fringing, pailettes and glitter, all in one outfit. And not looking like a circus (or am I?). Either way, this is fun and I’m happy as a clam. I love grey but adding this vibrant yellow to the mix makes everything better.

The sun is shining, my hair is blonde, my endorphins are going nuts.

I’m walking out for love.

IMG_8304 IMG_8305 IMG_8308 IMG_8313 IMG_8353 IMG_8364 IMG_8370 IMG_8389

Wearing suede leather fringed jacket Topshop (similar here and  here) , high waisted embellished shorts River Island, silver lamew Supergas, sunglasses Celine, top Topman, nailpolish Korres pastel lemon 34

Denim Days


Denim days, denim nights. Comfy all around.

And frankly why wear jeans when you can wear leggings? 2 in 1. The denim effect (groovy 24/7) and the freedom of movement that comes with a collant (you never know when the next flash mob is). Just add a long sweater and some streetstyle swag.

I’m taking my next yoga class in jeans, feeling so cool.

IMG_8448 IMG_8463IMG_8416 IMG_8441 IMG_8455 IMG_8459IMG_8504

Wearing leggings Calzedonia, LA sweater River Island, Alexander Wang Freja boots (similar here), BCBG mirrored sunglasses (similar here), giant fur clutch diy (similar here)

The Shiseido Experience


Pampering and then some.

The Shiseido experience did not stop at a tremendously relaxing face massage and hydrating mask. No. It continued to a professional make up session with the latest lip colours and contouring techniques. And to add some fashion sparkle it went on as a mini shopping spree from the latest collections at Golden Hall’s Attica shops where I played dress up and did a mini photoshoot as well. Not your average weekday, right?

I wouldn’t mind repeating that.

VI4P9816VI4P9845 VI4P9858 VI4P9865 VI4P9893 VI4P9904 VI4P9914 VI4P9968 VI4P9973

Wearing an H&M floral dress (similar here), Carvela sandals, Ted Baker top and shorts (a paisley print pair here) and a Sophie Anderson bag

Make up by Shiseido



Destination simple sartorial pleasure. 

Three basics, three colors: a white tank top, a pair of black pants and a fitted blazer.

Make the pants really stretch and high waisted, the blazer fire red colored and the tank really worn out and you’re getting closer.

Add a pair of strangely beautiful high heeled pumps and you’re there.

Palm trees optional.

IMG_7930 IMG_7933 IMG_7935 IMG_7941 IMG_7958 IMG_8004

Wearing Zara tank top, Topshop pumps, Moschino high waisted pants, Celine sunglasses, blazer Joseph (similar here)

Superwoman inside & out


Whether you spend a fortune on underwear or just can’t avoid making those pretty little lace things yours (at any cost), having a drawer (or two) filled with colorful, delicate fabrics is essential. The just right pair will make you feel different under well, anything, so you know, lingerie is really an investment.

And if you have had to say goodbye to way too many of those, cause they turned pinkish, ombre or bleached, you know how dainty those lovely things are.

Your superwoman costume starts from the inside, so from one superwoman to another, protect thy underwear.

Promiscuous wink

page4 page7 page8

1st pic: baby blue & yellow one piece Intimissimi, pink & green set Victoria’s Secret Pink, white bra Oysho

2nd pic: black & beige set Intimissimi, fuchsia & lilac set Victoria’s Secret Pink, red with purple bows bra La Perla

3rd pic: crystal embellished bra H&M

4th pic: leopard bra Oysho, black & white set H&M, fuchsia one piece Topshop

There’s something about Calzedonia


That makes you want to run around the house in tights. All day. Every day. Except for the days you will change into socks. But not the casual, fluffy ones, the pair with the pearls, or the camouflage print.

And then you shall try on your new shoes (or an old, forgotten, fabulous pair for that matter), put on your most vibrant lipstick (I am currently addicted to Loreal’s Rouge In Love in 361) and the rest is history (something like a dress is also vital, it’s still chilly outside).

Life is short, go dancing or something.

IMG_8114 IMG_8125 IMG_8127IMG_8069 IMG_8072 IMG_8079 IMG_8103IMG_8136 IMG_8146IMG_8195 IMG_8187

All hosiery Calzedonia




Until then I’m playing it safe in my trusted leather biker, cool (and signed) Stan Smiths and -everytime even more- ripped denim.

And since I don’t (currently) have the pleasure of owning THAT tulle Chloe skirt to gracefully place over my jeans, a modest Topshop asymmetric top will do the “skirt over pants” trick, like our very own Style Messiah aka Leandra Medine (bonus the uberstylish Yasmin) has shown us.


IMG_7885 IMG_7898 IMG_7916 IMG_7925IMG_7882 IMG_7883

Wearing leather jacket, ripped jeans, knit jumper, asymmetric frill shirt Topshop (a dress version here), Stan Smith sneakers, Miu Miu sunglasses

Free Lollipops


Legalize lollipops.

For they bring back the happy days, Lolita veiled behaviours, girly manners and all things sweet and sticky. Care free, brain free, a full on sweeteners little act, an eternal sunshine for the tongue that is oh so good.

Let’s wear heart shaped sunglasses and produce strawberry kisses.

“We all have such fateful objects — it may be a recurrent landscape in one case, a number in another — carefully chosen by the gods to attract events of specific significance for us: here shall John always stumble; there shall Jane’s heart always break.”
― Vladimir NabokovLolita

IMG_7696 IMG_7706 IMG_7733IMG_7748 IMG_7794 IMG_7801 IMG_7811 IMG_7815

Wearing Asos bubblegum pink sweater, Zara leather skater skirt (similar here), Bershka leather fringed sneakers, H&M mirrored sunglasses, Uterque ring

Eating Chupa Chups strawberry/cream lollipop