filio58A little Mexico in the heart of LA

Cómo estás? Muy bien! Colourful surprises await in every corner of this magical city, I couldn’t but feel transported somewhere over the border (and maybe soon I will actually be :)). Picturesque surroundings that could only be complimented with one thing: TACOS (one of my favourite spots Mexicali Taco and Co). I’m hungry now.


PS: Sorry for taking this long to update the blog, I have literally been living in a dream.

Wearing maxi dress (a printed version here, a more formal alternative here and my next purchase here), Zara blazer ( a black version here), Topshop espadrilles, BCBGeneration bracelets, earrings vintage (would love to be wearing these), Venessa Arigaza heartbreaker bracelet

Photos by Kathy De Ninno

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Apparently, everyone in LA can be a Victorias Secret Angel (thanx to Colette Miller that is). Could I pass up that chance? No. Do I wanna take pictures every time I visit the Magnolia Bakery on 3rd street (it’s right opposite)? Yes.

What did I do when I got back home? I put on my Pink sweatpants with the huge ANGEL print on the side just to make sure.

That I haven’t fallen from paradise. Yet.

Pink crop top, denim cut offs Levi’s, round sunglasses, New Balance sneakers, Gumball Poodle socks from Kitson LA, shirt Zara (a dusty pink version here)

Photos Kathy De Ninno Photography

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Malibu Stories


The story begins with a secret, hidden gem beach somewhere in Malibu (frequented by sea lions amongst other creatures), rocky surroundings, audacious seagulls, total serenity and a magic sunset for the win.

The story ends with an infamous, giant, tomato filled pizza from D’Amores.

Long story short, that is.

Things in this post you might wonder where to find: the fabulous one piece printed swimsuit by BSB Fashion, Celine sunglasses, Salty Dream beach towel, lace beach dress

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All Pink Everything


P is for pink walls, pink hair, pink nails and very pink attitude. And not necessarily the cute kind.

LA gets me. The more colourful you are, the better. I mean, there are rainbow coloured pedestrian crossings here. And then there’s Pink’s hot dogs (with a never ending line, no matter what time or day you go by). Pink smoothies from Earth Bar (with a bit of slim down boost, just for the placebo of it) and some incredible-never-gonna-forget pink sunsets (that turn into lavender) that were actually the inspiration behind my new logo (do you guys like it?). So yes.

I’m definitely feeling pink.

Wearing white blazer, denim shorts, Givenchy Bambi tote, H&M sandals (a fancy alternative here), lace bralette, baseball cap

Photos by Kathy De Ninno Photography

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Things that happened in Malibu (Point Dume) this time around:

(caution: they are not stated in a matter of importance, or are they?)

Ate a whole pack of oven baked sweet potato chips

Watched as lifeguards and marine biologists saved a sea lion cub 

Played frisbee (and sucked at it)

Witnessed an amazing sunset in the company of more than a dozen squirrels (that they, too, liked the sweet potato chips very much)

During the aforementioned I was wearing a Calzedonia bikini from the latest collection and those earrings (that come in black, too).

Just saying.

IMG_3136 IMG_3156 IMG_3200 IMG_3201 IMG_3249 IMG_3285 IMG_3307 IMG_3355 IMG_3399 IMG_3405 IMG_3433 IMG_3443 IMG_3449 IMG_3477

San Diego Zoo


Jungle Fever.

Oh no, it’s the Zooooo! Cotton candy or no cotton candy at hand, this did take me a couple of years back. And by a couple a mean a lot. The San Diego Zoo is pretty big and thus exhausting and well, although really fun, I would rather see the animals in their natural environment (like me in a shopping mall). I almost stole a meerkat, witnessed monkeys beheading a lizard (the old fashioned Tarantino way), fell in love with a 3 month wolf cub and in general, adjusted well to my surroundings.

We all know what this says about me.

Wearing Supergas, Asos striped shorts, striped crop top, the Row round sunglasses, Hermes enamel bracelet

La vita e Bella


After spending way too much time with way too many Italians here (I mean half of Bocconi is in LA at this moment) and tasting the best carbonara ever, I have to admit that life is beautiful and that this sounds better in Italian.

Una faccia una razzia (cause we do share the same Nutella addiction) and we do know how to party. And since I will miss ragazzi miei our next get together is already planned and will be in Sardinia. Or Fontenera. Or both.

Viva l’Italia! It really was the best carbonara I’ve ever eaten.

Wearing a striped crop top (also here), white frill skirt, leopard Vans sneakers, Celine cat eye sunglasses (I am in love with these), Bella raffia hat BCBG, love ankle chain Asos

Photos by Kathy De Ninno Photography


Barbie World


I am a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

I don’t know about life in plastic but life in LA is fantastic. Learning my way into the fashion pr biz (like I’m looking for trouble), fedexing Brian Atwood pumps to Debra Messing with multiple Urth Caffe breaks in the meantime, Kundalini yoga bliss sessions with Yogi Tej every morning (always praying that our auditions will turn out fine) and enjoying late night supermarket aisle walks as usual.

Oh yes, I kind of postponed my stay here. I guess I can’t let go of those palm trees just yet.

Barbie out.

Wearing denim dungarees Asos, Barbie crop top, blazer Mango, peep toe boots Zara (similar here), heartbreaker beads bracelet Venessa Arizaga, Hot Mess gold chain necklace The Urban Smith

Photos by Kathy De Ninno Photography

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All You Need Is Style x Accessorize


I never expected to blog about my journey while being in LA. But hey, Accessorize is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this SS14 (Happy Birthday!) and I was honoured to be chosen as one of the bloggers they wanted to share their big news with and represent the brand globally.

So instead of showcasing some of the really cute Accessorize styles while strolling in beautiful Greece ( I already had the spots in Plaka picked out) I am in -very sunny- Tinseltown aka La La Land (where unicorns do exist) and blogging my dreams from here.

I am ecstatically happy to share this with you and be a part of one of my favourite and all time go to brands for everything cute, chic, trendy, colourful and happiness inducing. Whenever I am in need of accessories (and that is TOO often), Accessorize never fails me.

So here’s a glimpse of some SS14 trends that I loved (those silver bangles with the turquoise stones have never left my wrist since) and incorporated into my own global journey aka life in my sunshine city, Los Angeles.

Enjoy and visit Accessorize for more affordable styles and even more of the latest trends!


All accessories Accessorize, sneakers New Balance (also here), lip print bikini, pink Fujifilm Instax camera, mules Aldo (a nice pair here), denim dungarees, leopard skirt, denim shirt, Celine sunglasses, pink sunglasses Wildfox

Quick Beauty Fix

IMG_0624Well, I came here (LA that is) with basically nothing (5 pairs of shoes, imagine that) so beauty essentials were on shortage as well. So I had to improvise.

And I did.

Benefit’s Bathina is one of my all time fave products, it gives the body a luxurious shine making the skin feel softer and very touch worthy. ( winky smiley )

Spot treatment for the win aka Burts Bees blemish stick.

I try out different face masks from time to time and I found this Love & Beauty Aloe Vera one at the drug store, it’s actually pretty good and you also get to do a shameless selfie before taking it off. Extra points for that.

I bought this one solely for the packaging and I am not ashamed to admit it. Not Your Mothers Beat The Heat Thermal Spray protects hair from excessive heat and has a cool name. Oh, I already said that.


I switched my regular toner with this Kiehls cucumber one and franky this is so much better; I also often use this anti redness Expert serum from Boots to get rid of discolorations on my face.

A dry shampoo is always handy and this Herbal Essences is a nice one (not better than the Baptiste line though).

After the ombre treatment my hair was (and still is) in dire need of tlc so an intensive deep treatment mask is mandatory -this Shea Moisture is all natural, organic and pretty efficient ( I also use Organix’ Argan oil too many times during the day).


Yes to blueberries (although I prefer the edible version obviously) Age Refresh cleanser is not a miracle maker but it is mild enough for sensitive skin AND smells nice.

Frizzy hair don’t care (well I do) and this is my weapon against it. John Frieda knows his game and this touch up creme serves as a styling tool as well. Murray’s CoCoSoft Coconut Oil is exactly what the hair doctor at Andy LeCompte prescribed (found at Urban Outfitters) is really greasy (more than the bacon they use on burgers here) but if you leave it on it’ s really nourishing. Just don’t go out with it. Or sit on a friends leather passenger seat. I warned you.

And last but not least, why not cast a spell?

I mean you can make boys fall in love with you without it, I get it but this is easier. I buy in bulk.