Girl On Swing

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Enjoying a little Banksy while downtown, feeling like a girl on a swing, the whole world on my feet.

Waking up to palm trees (and detox smoothies from the Earth Bar), brainstorming 24/7, speaking Italian any German at the same time, enjoying myself way too much, loving every Tinseltown moment and imagining this would last forever.

Cause it could.

Wearing a Pull & Bear blazer, Forever 21 leopard shorts, H&M heels, Verameat jewelry, Topshop tee (check this cool one out), Celine sunglasses (a similar pair here), Balenciaga pouch

Photos by Kathy De Ninno 

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Me & My Paisley


Remember this one?

I had actually forgotten about it, until this happened.

Recreate this look by wearing a pair of paisley or floral printed pants, a black crop top, a belt with silver accents, YSL caged heels if you have them, if not, why not try these in black or silver and a pair of classic Ray Bans.

A tan helps, too. ;)


Ace Hotel

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Acing it.

As in verb: lounging, rooftop (like we’re bringing ’88 back), 360 view of downtown LA, with the taste of an exotic fruit smoothie in my mouth and an appetite for free falling on my mind.

Inviting sun beds, Los Angeleno attitude and a hip crowd. Sold!

See also awesome, rad, never wanna leave

Just take a look!

Wearing a Reiss kimono (a nice alternative here and here, fringed dress, peep toe booties

Photos by Kathy De Ninno Photography

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Oh, the places you’ll go


El Matador beach for example.

Day trips to Malibu NEVER fail anyone and especially my California crazed, barefoot self as I’m soaking my dreams into the cold Pacific sea, frizzy bleached hair and mermaid attitude all together. I even got used to coconut water (drinking straight from the coconut is always better, thank you Whole Foods).

In dire need of surf lessons (how cool is that -definitely surfer owned- hand painted house?) and a tan.

Adventure and the new issue of Nylon awaits. For the rest, the Pacific Coast Highway will lead the way.

I’m wearing my new favourite Forever 21 floral top (the dress version here), denim shorts, pom pom sandals, bag, Chanel necklace (a cute, customisable alternative here) and mirrored pink Wildfox sunglasses

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Doing time in Hollywood

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I’ve waited a long time for this.

Doing time in Hollywood (West mostly) is full of enchanted surprises, vibrant purple jacarandas, street art in every little corner, the smell of deep fried goodness but most of all the endless possibility of doing what you really desire.

I’ve got palm trees in my eyes, endorphins flowing through my body and the most intense love affair with this place.

LA is a trap.

Wearing fringed denim jacket Pull & Bear (a nice version here), leggings, boots Topshop, white top, sunglasses Celine 

Photos by Kathy De Ninno

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Mike Kelley at MOCA


Well. We weren’t supposed to take any pictures.

But then again, in Mike Kelley‘s own words, let’s talk about disobeying.

Creepy never looked so good and even if it’s more of a mindf*ck than expected, it’s definitely nothing a Mexicali Taco & Co taco break and a stroll around little Tokyo can’t fix.

A must see.

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Downtown LA is starting to grow on me especially when visits to the Last Bookstore and Bottega Louie are included. Feeling like a hot (81 Fahrenheit) mess and not even coconut water can do anything for me at this point.

I’m high on imagery, low on sugar (well not really, had a delicious double chocolate scone at Alfreds’ a little while ago) and generally infatuated.

Magic City. 

Photos by Kathy DeNinno Photography

Wearing F21 crop top, Nike Dunks, Topshop leggings, plaid shirt, E&E sunglasses (a nice alternative here)

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I wanna be a plastic toy


There is another world but it is inside this one and it’s full of rainbow backgrounds, rust and stardust and the worlds best hot dogs.

You breathe in the magic, you lay down on the grass sipping coconut water, on Sundays you go to the flea market and your heart beats faster when the neon lights turn on. And if you’re not hypnotised enough you wonder if it’s all a dream.

You just don’t leave this place.

rsz_img_0012 rsz_img_0024 rsz_img_0025 rsz_img_0034 rsz_img_0042 rsz_img_9952 rsz_img_9955 rsz_img_9974 rsz_img_9979

Wearing F21 top, Zara leather bag (love this one), peep toe wedges, cut offs (a nice pair here), Celine sunglasses


Life in color


Downtown LA is really FULL of surprises. Take this Kim West mural for example. You can’t but just fall in love with it.

Although I don’t even know anymore, I’m kind of in love with everything and everyone at this point.

Hidden gems everywhere, from the more obvious street style graffitis to cool 20 guest restaurants and dimly lit rooftop patios. The days are pleasingly innocent but the nights.. the nights are pure magic, shining through neon lights.

Life in color, high on sunshine, dreams do come true.

rsz_img_0153rsz_img_0110rsz_img_0141 rsz_img_0134 rsz_img_0117rsz_img_0112 rsz_img_0152

Wearing striped shirt dress, Levi’s cut offs (a great pair of denim shorts here), Nike Dunk Sky Hi


Verameat x All You Need Is Style


I might have stumbled upon the Verameat store by accident but it was a case of pure coup de foudre with those amazing jewellery pieces.

My obsession started with the pepperoni pizza necklace (it’s not leaving my neck anytime soon) -pizza is a girls best friend after all- and went over the hill with off beat stacks of rings (I mean more is more), the naked woman’s body talisman and my very Greek and pretty amazing headpiece. Which I will be sporting 24/7 by the way.

And I’m sure it ain’t stopping there (the vertebrae “keeping it together” charm is definitely next).

Handcrafted, made of recycled silver and pure 14 K gold, the Verameat designs are truly unique and quintessentially edgy. Exactly what you need.

So go get your pieces with a 10% discount by using this code online or in store! ALLYOUNEEDISSTYLE (expires in July)




Wearing Zara jeans, leopard Vans and Asos top

For more info and even more cool must have pieces check Verameat’s site

Verameat on Instagram Verameat on Facebook