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University of Southern California


The one thing I do regret in my life is not enrolling at USC when the time was right (sorry UCLA, I do love you, too). Visiting the campus in the heart of downtown LA (at night AND pretty illegally I must confess) I was drawn to all that opportunity and that “SKULLS” vibe that is evident everywhere. I sneaked in the stadium, I chased a drunken opossum and learned the tale of how the alumni celebrate their graduation by climbing all (and there are many) the fountains located in the campus.

And since I’ve had my fair share of academic studying (and biology was not easy) I can only listen in ecstasy all those USC stories my friends kept telling over outdoor fires, eating marshmallows from sticks and just being a proud imposter by wearing my fave USC tee.

Go Trojans!

Yellow hat, fringed leather jacket, ripped denim, leather boots, USC tee

IMG_7698 IMG_7774IMG_7721 IMG_7738 IMG_7756 IMG_7767 IMG_7799



Winter dressing. 

In my book that means beanies, turtlenecks, the occasional oversized fur and BOOTS. Make them thigh high and I’m willing to withstand below 30 Celsius for another 3 months (I’m talking maximums here). All black and a hint of pink to break the ice (literally), I’m contemplating skiing, hot cocoa with marshmallows and endless procrastinating over a million glossy glossies.

I’m officially cold. 

Wearing a pair of Sante Shoes thigh high peep toe boots, beanie Jumbo (a SAINT version here), suede leather shorts, black cotton turtleneck

IMG_7914IMG_7859 IMG_7879 IMG_7882 IMG_7885 IMG_7910 IMG_7856


Daring Purple & Orange


I mean, why not?

Colorblocking my way into winter is the funnest shortcut I could think of to try and forget all those palm trees and eternal sunshine of La La Land. Mixing up colours makes up my mood in no time but basically I did need a good excuse to wear that statement coat. I know, I know it could have probably been better with black cigarette pants and a crisp white shirt (new outfit post coming up perhaps?) but running around in those Freestyle vintage Reeboks and my vibrant attire was equally satisfying. And attention grabbing. Thank god the wasps and bugs were in hibernation.

But playing dress up never hurts, right?

Wearing orange coat Asos, purple sweater H&M (a nice alternative with cat elbow patch here), ripped jeans, Freestyle Hi Reebok sneakers

IMG_7594  IMG_7638IMG_7628 IMG_7635 IMG_7643 IMG_7575

Denim Days


Denim Days

Listening to MOTHXR’s Stranger on repeat, my mind being totally absent (from all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most), participating in a shopping detox (I haven’t yet unpacked everything, imagine that), catching up on my favourite shows and what nots and sweating my A** off on the treadmill. After all I did buy 5 new pairs of sneakers in LA. I might as well put them into good use. So I’m taking some ME time and I urge you to do the same from time to time.

It feels good.

(Plus I have a couple of surprises in store :)) 

Wearing Denim Dress H&M, Suede Lace Up Boots Michael Kors (similar here and a flat alternative here), Faux Fur Snood (and here), Lulu Frost Eye Necklace (I also love this one here)IMG_7038IMG_7102 IMG_7085 IMG_7060 IMG_7091 IMG_7053 IMG_7047 IMG_7093

I scream. For Ice Cream.



I actually scream for many reasons ice cream being a prominent one. I guess it’s a childhood remnant of when my dad used to bite off half of my popsicle claiming to be IRS.

Imagine my distress.

From then on and with my shrinks appraisal, I do not let anyone anywhere near my melting property.

I wish I was giving ice cream away (and I very well might at some point so stay tuned), instead I’m giving you a how-to-copy-the-look with this sweater (mine is from H&M), ankle grazer skinny jeans, fringed boots Pinko (a flat version here), military hat bought in Russia, Asos bucket bag, faux fur leopard coat Pull & Bear


IMG_6639IMG_6647IMG_6641IMG_6684IMG_6617 IMG_6618 IMG_6630IMG_6638 IMG_6676

Are we in Paris yet?

IMG_6486 2

There’s nothing more effortlessly cool than a pair of trustworthy skinny jeans (ripped at the knee being a plus) paired with a simple gray t shirt and a leather jacket. You can call it Parisian Chic 101. And you can trust the French. They invented macarons.

From a casual day outing to a PFW paparazzi pic, this outfit saves the day-toujours. Invest in plain basics with a feminine fit, stick to black, gray and white, add a signature piece (you don’t have a fringed jacket, seriously ???) and you’ll be fine.

Paris awaits.

Do it like the Parisians: Fringed leather jacket, skinny jeans, Sante shoes, belt, soft clutch bag, grey t shirt Zara

IMG_6455 IMG_6464 IMG_6467 IMG_6494 IMG_6496 IMG_6510 IMG_6517 IMG_6536 IMG_6480IMG_6541 IMG_6549

Sock it up!

IMG_6389This post only exists cause of these American Apparel dotted socks.

And that’s reason enough for me. I take great pride in the oversized denim jacket as well (flea market find if you must know). As for the beanie it took a couple of hours to turn it from plain ol’ black to this pearl enhanced chic-er version and I’m planning on continuing the habit (aka e-shop soon on the blog).

In other news, the plaid skirt is old (but I love its’ bubble shape and this one here), the Stan Smiths are signed (a web exclusive red version here) and Bambi is still alive, after a LOT of adventuring in Cali (get the matching wallet here).

We are so back.

IMG_6426 IMG_6358IMG_6428 IMG_6433 IMG_6430 IMG_6439



LACMA never gets boring. Save for the tar pits (where they did find interesting mammoth fossils), the giant stone called Levitated Mass and the crazy variety of food trucks outside, the inside is also full of wonders: Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse, Lichtenstein, Hockney and a whole lot more of utter greatness. You can just sit there for hours. So when the night falls, you get to see Chris Burden’s Urban Light aka 202 lit antique street lamps.

It’s a sight for sore eyes.

As for me, I am wearing a great flea market find, this see through kimono with embroidered sleeves (similar here), gray denim shorts, white tank top, combat boots, Celine sunglasses, Samudra pouch

IMG_6264 IMG_6306 2 IMG_6320 IMG_6323 2 IMG_6331 IMG_6341 IMG_6358#ILOVELA



filio58A little Mexico in the heart of LA

Cómo estás? Muy bien! Colourful surprises await in every corner of this magical city, I couldn’t but feel transported somewhere over the border (and maybe soon I will actually be :)). Picturesque surroundings that could only be complimented with one thing: TACOS (one of my favourite spots Mexicali Taco and Co). I’m hungry now.


PS: Sorry for taking this long to update the blog, I have literally been living in a dream.

Wearing maxi dress (a printed version here, a more formal alternative here and my next purchase here), Zara blazer ( a black version here), Topshop espadrilles, BCBGeneration bracelets, earrings vintage (would love to be wearing these), Venessa Arigaza heartbreaker bracelet

Photos by Kathy De Ninno

filio62 filio63 filio64 filio67 filio71 filio72 filio73 filio74 filio77 filio80



Apparently, everyone in LA can be a Victorias Secret Angel (thanx to Colette Miller that is). Could I pass up that chance? No. Do I wanna take pictures every time I visit the Magnolia Bakery on 3rd street (it’s right opposite)? Yes.

What did I do when I got back home? I put on my Pink sweatpants with the huge ANGEL print on the side just to make sure.

That I haven’t fallen from paradise. Yet.

Pink crop top, denim cut offs Levi’s, round sunglasses, New Balance sneakers, Gumball Poodle socks from Kitson LA, shirt Zara (a dusty pink version here)

Photos Kathy De Ninno Photography

filio124filio99 filio110filio102 filio104 filio106 filio107 filio109 filio123