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How Prada of them

Having the best mom in the world surely helps when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe and when she returned from London a couple of days ago she brought back enough stuff to fill up a whole new closet. One of the things I LOVED was this Prada-like pale blue blouse, almost identical with the brands SS 2012 car-print tops. And cause I could in no way do the pin up that good, I paired it with high waisted Zara shorts and red tassel satin sandals. I guess all that Vogue magazines thrown around in the house did some good after all. Kudos to mom. <3

Top: Primark, Leather shorts: Zara, Cuff: Uterque, Bag: Topshop, Sandals: Reiss, Sunnies: Vintage, Shortsleeved Cardigan: Sisley, JAguar Belt: Jaeger