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Sparkly Floral Romper

Sparkle, studs, fringes and bold colored florals; they are all in this mix. From Zara’s medusa fringed bag to Topshop’s comfy studded flats and everything in between, this look is versatile, fun and girly. I love the oversized bow on the side and added a fuchsia sparkly belt for a decadent twist. And had lots of childish fun. :D

Wearing Kitson Romper (similar here), Zara Fringed Bag (similar here), Topshop Flats, Vintage Belt

Floral Romper

How I would love to take pictures in front of all the houses in downtown Zante, where each one is painted in a different color, from pastel pink to bright orange..

In other news, after trying all the traditional sweets, like fitoura (fried sesame paste with sugar), I think it’s time for a hardcore cleanse.

I’m really gonna miss everything.

Wearing Topshop floral romper (similar here), Greek leather sandals with crystal hearts, Asos ponytailer