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The Power of Chakras by Liana Vourakis

Chakra: One of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy.

In an almost mystifying atmosphere, lit candles, happy Buddhas and colorful flowers kept us good company while we were introduced to Liana Vourakis‘ new designs in ceremonial adoration. Intuition, spiritualitycreativity, love, power, sensuality and prosperity, were all represented in the beautifully crafted designs, bringing luck and peace of mind to the one wearing them.

When the lovely Mrs Vourakis asked me to decide on a chakra bracelet based on the color alone, she said my energy would draw the one I truly need. I instantly chose the purple one (or the purple one chose me for that matter), with the chakra that symbolizes intuition.

Let’s hope the three wishes I made while tying my bracelet (pretty lightly I must admit), will soon become true, when it’s torn off and the beads scatter.

Fingers Crossed and Na Maste. 

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