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DYI Charm Rubber Bracelets

You will need:

1) A pair of long nose pliers and a flush cutter

2) A pack of jewelry head pins

3) An equal amount of link locks

4) A pack of rubber bracelets, color of your choice or mixed

5) Equal amount of charms and sparkling beads (small & large) of your choice


Insert the headpin into the charm, then add the sparkling bead and use the long nose pliers to loop it creating a chain lock. Try to make the ends touch, so that the charm is safely attached. (Use the flush cutters to cut off the excess, so the chain link is as small as needed). Then use the pliers again to open a link lock and place your charm as well as the rubber bracelet inside. Squeeze the link lock and close firmly. Repeat as many times as you want and you’re all done!

Voila! It wasn’t hard, was it? 

More DIY’s coming your way! Stay tuned!